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Rural Transportation Solutions for Ottawa

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Rural Transit Areas

The city of Ottawa is divided in three different zones, depending on the extent of Public Transportation that is available:

  • Urban Transit Area
  • Rural Transit Area A, and
  • Rural Transit Area B.

​See the map, below.  Most rural areas in Ottawa are in Rural Transit Area B and only receive Para Transpo service. For this service, those residents pay about $63 in taxes on a $450,000 residential property for transit. For a home of similarly assessed value, urban residents that receive the full slate of transit services would pay about $735 annually. For more information on the percentage of your taxes that is directed to Public Transportation, see the table, below.  

There is a middle ground, known as Rural Transit Area A, where residents get some bus service but not the full package.  This service is normally limited to rush hour buses to the urban area. Residents in that zone pay about $232 in taxes on a $450,000 home to get this partial service.