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Rural Transportation Solutions for Ottawa

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  • GREEN is Jan 2020 Carp Transportation Survey
  • BLACK is RTS Survey No 1
  • BLUE is RTS Survey No 2


Survey Question

Summary of Responses

The Need

Why do you think Carp needs additional transportation options?

60-70% responded:

  1. Teens and Young Adults have difficulty getting to jobs and recreation
  2. Carp is poorly served by Public Transit, and
  3. Elderly and non-Drivers have to rely on others for transportation.


Do you consider your home to be "inside" the village?

56% responded YES

Do you consider your home to be "inside" the village?

51% responded YES

Travel Pattern

How many motor vehicles are available to the people living in your household? Include cars, motorcycles, SUVs, light trucks and small vans.

 50 % have two automobiles

24% have one automobile

Are your current travel needs different from pre-pandemic times?

40% say not much

36% say very much

How many round trips do you take during an average week - by any transportation mode?

42% report 1 to 7 trips weekly.

Another 40% report 8 to 14 trips.

Rank the frequency of the  categories of your travel

Top three responses:

  1. Travel to work
  2. General Travel
  3. Appointments
What are your primary modes of travel?

Top three responses:

  1. Driver
  2. Passenger
  3. OC Transpo

How frequently do you use OC Transpo – including LRT?

60% say: NEVER

18% say: RARELY

8% say: DAILY


What are your most frequent travel destinations?

Top three responses:

  1. Within village
  2. Nearest village
  3. Ottawa west end

Rank the purpose of your most frequent types of trips

Top four responses:

  1. Shopping and household activities
  2. Place of Work
  3. Visiting
  4. Recreation

If you regularly commute to work from the Carp/Carp Road Corridor area, where are you going?

40% commute to Kanata/Stitsville

25% commute to downtown

What is the time of day of your most frequent trips?

Top four responses:

  1. AM: 39%
  2. PM: 35%
  3. Morning Rush: 29%
  4. Afternoon Rush:  26%


If rural transportation services were to improve, which of the following would you prefer to see improved?

Top three responses involve Public Transportation and Park & Rides

What is most important to you when deciding on a rural transit solution?

Top four responses:

  1. 70% say: Reliability
  2. 59%  say: Affordability
  3. 48%  say: Solutions That Address Senior Needs
  4. 44%  say: Solutions That Address Youth Needs

Which transit options do you think would be a good solution for your community

Top four responses:

  1. OC Transpo
  2. Park & Ride
  3. On-Demand Transit
  4. Shuttle from community to P&R

Of the following features of a good rural transportation solution, which do you feel are most important?

Top four responses:

  1. have reliable scheduling for rush hour service
  2. charge reasonable fares
  3. have fixed schedule for non-rush hour service
  4. take a sensible route to the destination

Of the following benefits that make up a good rural transportation solution, which do you feel are the most important?

The top three responses include:

  1. provides greater, equitable accessibility,
  2. reduces use of the private automobile
  3. helps connect to the urban public transportation network

If a transportation service were available, where would you prefer to be picked up or dropped off?

Top three responses:

  1. Close to home
  2. At nearest intersection
  3. In nearest village

Future Use?

If there were more transportation options available, how many additional trips would you estimate that you would take per week using these new options?

38 % report 1-5 more trips. Another 21% report between 6 and 15.


Would you be willing to see an increase in taxes to provide a transit service?

  1. 45%  responded NO
  2. 37 % responded MAYBE
  3. 19% responded YES

What would you consider to be a reasonable fare for a one-way trip to the nearest regular service OC Transpo bus stop? [ know $15 for PPP]

50% say $3

31% say $5

What do you consider a reasonable fare for a round-trip within your village/neighborhood/ward?

Within/To Next Village:

  • 49% responded: $5
  • 31% responded $10

Within the Ward :

  • 40% responded $5
  • 35% responded $10

How much of the cost should the rural taxpayer contribute towards a rural transportation solution for their village?

Top three responses:

  • 42% say None
  • 26%   say share 25%
  • 20%  say share 50%


How important is cycling in your community?


On a scale of 1 - 10 how would you currently rate the safety for cyclers in your community?

When residents were asked to rate the safety for cyclists in their community, the average response was 3 on a scale of 1 - 10