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Rural Transportation Solutions for Ottawa

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Who benefits from more Rural Transportation options?

With improved and increased transportation options we believe:

  • The overall quality of rural life will be enhanced with more transportation options becoming available.
  • Youth will have more and better options for transportation to and from school, social activities, employment and other opportunities to be connected to their communities. They will be able to better connect with important mental health programs and services only available in urban Ottawa.
  • Adults will have more transportation options to get to their place of employment and to conduct a range of other activities associated with their personal and family life.
  • Many older adults will not have to rely on family members, not-for-profit driving schedules and caregivers for transportation. Our Community Partners will continue to provide assistance in these areas and, together, we will be able to better support our seniors to ‘age in place.’
  • The diversity of rural Ottawa is blossoming. Improved transportation options would increase the opportunity for social connection to other diverse neighbourhoods and communities within urban and suburban Ottawa.
  • Rural economic development requires workers and customers/clients to move in and out of the rural area. Improved public transportation will be an important contributor to rural economic development.

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